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29th-Nov-2015 05:19 pm - Sanzo party
Today is the birthday of Genjo Sanzo and Minekura-sensei celebrates him with this illustration!

Our mangaka received as a gift this COPIC set colour lavender (not by chance Sanzo typical colour).

While this one is the preview of Saiyuki RELOAD 5 bunko cover.

21st-Nov-2015 01:20 pm - From Twitter

Minekura-sensei drew this mini-genga for AGF at which she cannot take parte with any real gadget for her healt issue.

And, obviously, we have also a WA genga "cat-dog" XD

While this is the full cover of Saiyuki RELOAD 3 bunko version (+ the 4 Saiyuki boys silhouette on the back cover).

Sensei talks about the next Wild Adapter chapter that should be being published between late January and February.
9th-Nov-2015 01:44 pm - Happy Birthday, Gojyo!

Today is Gojyo's birthday and Minekura-sensei shares this drawing with us!
6th-Nov-2015 02:36 pm - Megane Sanzo

Minekura-sensei shows us a Megane Sanzo illustration!
At the end of the month will be Sanzo's birthday but, first, will be Gojyo's!
We all hope she will draw a Gojyo illustration for that day!
4th-Nov-2015 05:10 pm - Saiyuki kagekiden Road to the West
Today in Japan has been published the special book dedicated to Saiyukikagekiden, Road to the west. I show you the front and back cover again and some pages within. In one of them, Minekura-sensei drew the actors manga version and the other one is an interview among Minekura-sensei and...Sanzo ikkou!

Here you can see the preview of Saiyuki RELOAD bunko vol.3

As announced, this time in front cover there are Hakkai and Gojyo.
This volume will contain the chapters of volumes 5 and 6 Standard Version.
While below you can see the cover (front and back) about Road to the West book that will be published on 4th November.

Moreover Minekura-sensei reminds us about the chapter released yesterday and announces that ZeroSum of 28th December will have a cover drawn by her.
26th-Oct-2015 10:53 pm - Saiyuki kagekiden and BLAST
On 4th November will be published a booklet dedicated to Saiyuki Musical called "Road to the West". Below you can see the actors pics and the illustration by Minekura-sensei with the same pose.

Thanks to Animeland we know that the BLAST chapter that will be out on 28th October will be short (around 10 pages) but at least we'll have a chapter! And that's not bad. As always, next chapter will be after 2 months, on late December.
26th-Oct-2015 12:41 pm - ZeroSum cover

This is the new ZeroSum cover (the magazine will be out on 28th October).
Looks like the Saiyuki chapter will be in the magazine.
Let's hope for a long one!
24th-Oct-2015 01:43 pm - Saiyuki RELOAD bunko 2!
Today in Japan is out Saiyuki RELOAD bunko 2!

On Twitter Minekura-sensei shows us the extra illustration available for those who preordered Saiyuki Calendar 2016 from MOVIC.

Below Saiyuki RELOAD vol.2 bunko version cover. Ukoku and Koumyou are in the front.
Hardly Minekura-sensei shows other characters (and not the 4 boys) in front cover (extra cover a part). Gojyo and Hakkai will be on next volume.

On November will be held AGF but apparently Minekura-sensei will not show new items.
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