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5th-Feb-2016 02:10 pm - Dice 49 no more...
This month will not be published WA dice49 but, 'cause sensei health issue, it is deleted to 4th March. I didn't understand if also BLAST chapter will be postponed at the end of April...
But images never miss to follow a new Minekura-sensei post, so here two drawings dedicated to Tokito and Kubota.

19th-Jan-2016 05:07 pm - Salty dog is coming!
Here Salty Dog IX cover!

6th-Jan-2016 06:23 pm - Saiyuki Karakore Deluxe

Today Minekura-sensei announced a new Saiyuki Karakore series: "deluxe". Yes, because even if these adorable chibis looks like the older ones released some years ago they are few centimeters bigger.

The price is pretty high for 8 chibis: 6912 yen.

And this one is the genga you can obtain buying all Saiyuki Reload bunko volumes.
26th-Dec-2015 01:57 pm - Stop to Stop

Minekura-sensei announced that next ZeroSum will have only the cover drawn by her since the new BLAST chapter will not be within it...she talks about "health issue" but we know well that when she is busy with many illustrations, she has to choose what draws and what not...and obviously she put always apart the chapter. So no BLAST chapter but yes Saiyuki RELOAD bunko 4, Saiyuki RELOAD bunko 5 work in progress, Salty Dog 9 cover, Salty Dog 9 four new illustrations and ZeroSum cover...
I'm disappointed about that...This year only 2 REAL chapters since the third one was too short for be called "chapter"...and many many many illustrations...Will Saiyuki ever see the end?
25th-Dec-2015 06:05 pm - Christmas gift!

This is my Christmas gift: the cover of ZeroSum with Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST!
If sensei managed to draw the chapter, we will find it on 28th December!

24th-Dec-2015 12:32 pm - Chinese shadows
Merry Christmas to you ALL! What asking more than Saiyuki boys by the tree?
And here we can see the full Saiyuki RELOAD 4 bunko cover!

14th-Dec-2015 05:14 pm - Rome trip
I'm just came back from 3 days spent in Rome. Click on the pic below for more pictures!

I visited many places: Trevi fountain, Pantheon, San Pietro basilica...The weather was sunny but pretty cold. In Sicily we have a warmer temperature :P I went there also for Jubilee and I go through the Holy Door.
7th-Dec-2015 04:28 pm - Pin set BOX
Minekura-sensei announces the release (for 14th March 2016) of a pin set (10 pins) dedicated to BLAST, Gaiden and Koumyou/Houmei - Kenyu/Ukoku. The price is 3000 yen. You can choose the shop in which preordering it to obtain a different image box. Which illustration do you prefer?

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