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12th-May-2016 02:37 pm - A look in the past

Here two new illustrations from Minekura-sensei Twitter's page:

This one was created for the birthday of a seiyu (?) who worked for Saiyuki anime, or at least, I guess it was.

The secon one was created for the release of Saiyuki Gensoumaden anime box.

23rd-Apr-2016 11:26 am - We have to BEAR even that!
From Minekura-sensei twitter page, 4 new drawings of our main characters.

10th-Apr-2016 01:01 pm - PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE!
Here 2 new illustrations from the Twitter page of Minekura-sensei and both dedicated to Genjo Sanzo!

28th-Mar-2016 04:42 pm - Happy Easter!

Minekura-sensei is the author of the ZeroSum cover image that celebrates the 14th Anniversary of the magazine. No chapter inside. But there are some card (one about Saiyuki with an old illustration) and genga (that will go to one lucky reader) and one of them is about Saiyuki with a new illustration.
23rd-Mar-2016 04:08 pm - Happy Birthday, Minekura-sensei!
Today, Minekura-sensei is 41 years old! Happy Birthday to her!

4th-Mar-2016 04:02 pm - Wild Adapter Dice49

Today on ZeroSum Online is possible reading Wild Adapter Dice49. Minekura-sensei drew 36 pages!!! That means that, when she wants, she is able to draw a very long, and detailed chapter. In this chapter, after Kasai murdered, Araki is looking for Tokito and Kubota.
25th-Feb-2016 01:16 am - Relax, take it e-e-easy!!!

BLAST new chapter has been delayed on 28th March. On 4th March will be published a new Wild Adapter chapter on ZeroSum Online.
5th-Feb-2016 02:10 pm - Dice 49 no more...
This month will not be published WA dice49 but, 'cause sensei health issue, it is deleted to 4th March. I didn't understand if also BLAST chapter will be postponed at the end of April...
But images never miss to follow a new Minekura-sensei post, so here two drawings dedicated to Tokito and Kubota.

19th-Jan-2016 05:07 pm - Salty dog is coming!
Here Salty Dog IX cover!

6th-Jan-2016 06:23 pm - Saiyuki Karakore Deluxe

Today Minekura-sensei announced a new Saiyuki Karakore series: "deluxe". Yes, because even if these adorable chibis looks like the older ones released some years ago they are few centimeters bigger.

The price is pretty high for 8 chibis: 6912 yen.

And this one is the genga you can obtain buying all Saiyuki Reload bunko volumes.
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