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4th-May-2015 11:52 am - Covers

On 25th April has been published Saiyuki vol.1 pocket edition.
Here the front and back cover!

While on 24th June in Italy will be published Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST vol.2
This is the cover:

For Goku's birthday (that was weeks ago) Minekura-sensei drew this drawing

And this one for Jinnai (Hachi no Su)

Thanks to AnimeLand we know that Wild Adapter vol.7 will be published on 25th July and the Limited Edition will have a booklet with sketches.
20th-Apr-2015 12:47 pm - No BLAST chapter
Minekura-sensei informs us that Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST chapter will not be published this month...but she was able to draw the cover for the first series bunko version.

Happy Easter, my friends! And, since today it's also Goku's birthday, he will give us an Easter Egg...but only the surprise because I'm sure he ate the chocolate yet...
28th-Mar-2015 12:51 pm - ZeroSum 13th Anniversary
Today, in Japan, has been published new Zerosum that celebrates its 13rd Anniversary.
As always, mangaka that work for that magazine draw a genga. This is the one drawn by Minekura-sensei.

Attached to the magazine there are some bookmarkers, this is the one about Saiyuki!

For this event, will be released some gadgets that you can order thanks to the magazine:

MangaNewsJapon gives us the pic and the release datas of the Bunko edition of Saiyuki:

1st 25th April
2nd 25th May
3rd 25th June
4th 25th July
5th 25th August

23rd-Mar-2015 01:18 am - Happy Birthday sensei!
Today our beloved sensei is 40 years old! Here a drawing I've created for her!

12th-Mar-2015 12:43 pm - Finally, the end is close!

On 16th March will be released new WARD magazine. Minekura-sensei writes us on Twitter that it will contain Wild Adapter chapter that skipped 2 months ago. It will be chapter 47, while on May, will be published chapter 48 that will close vol.7 (YAAAY!) Volume 7 that, finally, afer AGES and a publishing house changed, will end!

Those following are the "not used" images that sensei created originally for some her projects but, at the end, discarded. The cover for Saiyuki 2015 calendar, an Araiso extra card and an illustration for a CD!

27th-Feb-2015 12:31 pm - Mini calendar cover
Here Saiyuki and WA mini calendar 2015-2016!

As we can notice the image isn't new. So less work for our sensei!
26th-Feb-2015 11:58 am - Saiyuki will have a bunko edition?

Here ZeroSum cover for the magazine that will be published on 28th February.
Thanks to MangaNewsJapon we know that, starting from 25th April, Saiyuki will have a bunko edition (that means new cover by Minekura-sensei? Brrr...)
Here a bonus dedicated to Saiyuki Ibun.

Althoug Minekura-sensei talks about hospital, she assured her will to continue to draw manga! I hope she will better soon!
25th-Feb-2015 11:59 am - A ch-ch-chapter!!?

Thanks to MangaNewsJapon, at whom I had asked information about the Saiyuki chapter that will be out on ZeroSum on 28th February, I had the confirmation that BLAST will be in the magazine with a chapter 19 pages long!
I remember you that you can find also the cover drawn by Minekura-sensei and a 2015 mini-calendar!
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