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Today, on Twitter, has been released this news:
On 30th January 2015 will be released, after pre-order, a DVD-ROM+booklet that will contains some illustrations chosen directly from the two artbooks dedicated respectively to Saiyuki and Wild Adapter and will be explained how they have been created (asseblying and focus on...) or, at least, this is what I've understood. Booklet included will have 64 coloured pages and the size of the booklet will be A5. Price: 1800 yen. You can preorder it until 7th December. If someone of you has understood differently or has other news about it, please let me know :)
15th-Nov-2014 11:54 am - Wild Adapter chapter in WARD 42
Today has been published WARD42 with a new Wild Adapter chapter in it and a coloured page by Minekura-sensei!
You can see part of it here!

Next WARD number (in January) will have the cover drawn by our sensei and a new chapter!
Here again the genga for Saiyuki Musical actors!

And here, so smaaaaaall and blurred, the bonus image for those who preordered Saiyuki Calendar 2015 from MOVIC

29th-Oct-2014 04:05 pm - Saiyuki series 2015 calendar
Minekura-sensei updated her blog with a new template.
Here the coloured Saiyuki 2015 Calendar cover!

Here a drawing dedicated to Evangelion.

27th-Oct-2014 01:30 pm - ZeroSum 12
This is the new ZeroSum cover. The magazine, that will be published tomorrow in Japan, will contain a new BLAST chapter.

I hope it will be longer than the latest one. Together with the magazine will be included some postcards and one of them is dedicated to BLAST.
17th-Oct-2014 06:13 pm - AGF 2014 all goodies!

Minekura-sensei upload her blog and her Twitter page. She writes about AGF 2014 and the new gadgets that will be selled there about Saiyuki&Wild Adapter.

In order to celebrate the next release of the second and last Wild Adapter OVA -KOU-, there is an offer in which you can get a Special CD dedicated to WA + AGF tickets.

At ZeroSum stand you can find:

[1] Saiyuki/WA/Bus GAMER badges. Diameter 57mm, 12 kind. They will be released randomly with lottery. Price: 300 yen each.
Until they will be sold out (limited numbers).

[2] Saiyuki RB & Wild Adapter mini wallscrolls, 1000 yen each

[3] Saiyuki RB & Wild Adapter Cell straps, 1500 yen each

[4] Saiyuki booklet dedicated to the official Twitter page @MottomoAsobu
A5, 64 coloured pages: 800 yen

At Frontier Works stand you can find:

[1] Wild Adapter wallscroll. B2 price: 4000 yen

[2] Saiyuki decorated plates. 25 cm. Price 1500 yen each
You can hang it on wall.

11th-Oct-2014 01:28 pm - AGF and Calendar 2015

Minekura-sensei updated her Twitter with the latest news about Musical -God Child- and the new one -Burial-
Here we can see an illustration created for AGF (Animate Girls Festival) that will be held on 8th and 9th November 2014. As we know, will be selled gadgets about Saiyuki&Wild Adapter. So, here a cool crossover.

And here we have a sketch of Saiyuki Calendar 2015 cover!

10th-Oct-2014 11:29 pm - SAIYUKIKAGEKIDEN BURIAL!!!

From 8th to 12nd January in Tokyo and from 23rd, 24th, 25th January in Osaka will be played SAIYUKIKAGEKIDEN BURIAL!!
Yes, we will have a new MUSICAL and added to Sanzo, Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai, we will see new actors playing Koumyou Sanzo, Godai Sanzo, Banri, Kenyu (yes, Kenyu actor will be different from the one we are used to see play Nii/Ukoku Sanzo, even if he will be always there for that role)!
18th-Sep-2014 11:52 am - Saiyuki 2015 Calendar

On November will be available Saiyuki 2015 Calendar!
From Animate is possible preordering it.
16th-Sep-2014 11:34 am - WARD 041
Today, in Japan, has been published WARD 041 with the Dice 46 of Wild Adapter.
The next chapter will have a coloured illustration and will be released on 15th November.
Thanks to NewsMangaJapon for the info :)
For those who want to refresh their memory with the latest Dice (released 1 year and 2 months ago), Ichijisha, published it on ZeroSum Online:
7th-Sep-2014 03:45 pm - WINGS 10 -sushi time-
Here the illustration dedicated to Keisuke&Ryota published on WINGS released on 28th August. This time it's sushi-time!

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