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27th-Aug-2015 12:43 pm - Summer pics!
Here some shoots from my Summer Vacation!

[Spoiler (click to open)]

This crepes was HUGE! A gelato crepes (vanilla) with fruits! DELICIOUS. Was possible adding also nutella and whipped cream...but...

This is the ZeroSum cover that will be released in Japan on 28th August. The magazine will have a Saiyuki chapter, coloured pages and some extras.
17th-Aug-2015 04:31 pm - Wild Adapter vol.7 Animate Edition

Today I received my copy of Wild Adapter vol.7 Animate Edition: WA vol.7 with Special Edition cover, Animate cover, the illustrated book.

I noticed it included illustrations I never saw anywhere before. I share them with you!

Aren't they awesome?
And now...it's Saiyuki BLAST time! I can't wait for 28th August for the new chapter!
20th-Jul-2015 03:02 pm - -5 to vol.7
Wild Adapter vol.7 release is coming and Kazuya Minekura-sensei updates her journal with all the info about it: Regular cover, Limited and Animate edition.

While, this illustration should be coming from WA booklet released with the Limited edition:

And here we can see the box of cards that will be released by Movic.

For the release of Burial Musical DVD, here two genga about Koumyou and Kenyu!

Here the cover of Saiyuki bunko vol.4...but...what are "dancing" Saiyuki boys in the back cover??? Or is it Tai-chi?

27th-Jun-2015 03:13 pm - Confused...
As we know, Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST chapter will not be published in the new ZeroSum. We have to wait 28th August...
But we can understand also WHY. Minekura-sensei is busy with the release of Wild Adapter volume 7 and all merchandise, illustrations about it. So we can see the Cards that will be released soon (4 of them are new), a part of the cover, and so on!

Moreover she is working also at the cover of the 4th volume bunko about first Saiyuki series.

She had time also for this drawing for celebrate another work published from Ichijinsha

And obviously for drawing this illustration for Saiyuki Musical Burial CD

and this Ukoku illustration

And this funny genga

Sensei writes also about a new Saiyuki Musical about Saiyuki RELOAD (maybe about Against the Stream arc?)
Surely we miss Saiyuki BLAST chapter. Until now, she published ONLY a chapter this year and, if the things will not change, she will need 20 years to publish other 8 volumes (because, since she started BLAST, at the end of 2009, in 5 years she published only 2 volumes).
But her assured that, slowly, she will draw new chapters again and that she would like drawing also Ibun and Ants of Heaven soon (...) I've to confess that I'm shocked about that...she is not able to work even at one series at the moment...how could her talking about Ibun and Ants of Heaven too?
Yesterday I bought Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST vol.2 in italian language but for vol.3 in Japanese who knows how much have we to wait?

28th-May-2015 01:44 pm - Saiyuki bunko volumes go ahead!

Here Saiyuki bunko vol.2!
But immediately, Minekura-sensei shows us the preview of Saiyuki bunko cover 3! It will be out on 25th June. I love this illustration! But...more than look at the past, I'd like knowing about the future, about BLAST. Surely drawing a new illustration every month for front and back about Saiyuki bunko volumes not helps our sensei to go ahead with BLAST chapters...
17th-May-2015 01:56 pm - Sayonara, WARD...

After 12 years since the start of its publication, WARD magazine closes.
Minekura-sensei wanted say it "sayonara" with this illustration.

Gaiden story has been published in WARD pages the most.
Works published on WARD will follow different paths. About Wild Adapter, it will continue on ZeroSum online but starting from this Winter. So after the release of vol.7 (on 25th July), it will have a break.

This is the preview of Saiyuki bunko vol.2's cover.
After Sanzo, Goku is in the front cover.

4th-May-2015 11:52 am - Covers

On 25th April has been published Saiyuki vol.1 pocket edition.
Here the front and back cover!

While on 24th June in Italy will be published Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST vol.2
This is the cover:

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