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The World of illusion
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Here you can watch the final part of Saiyuki Kagekiden Musical!

And here a GIF in which Sanzo kicks Gojyo! XD

21st-Sep-2015 02:24 pm - Happy birthday to Hakkai!

Today, the data of Hakkai's birthday, Minekura-sensei drew this illustration that reminds me an older one in which Hakkai instead of an apple has an orange in his hand.

While this is the cover of Saiyuki RELOAD vol.1 bunko version!

This is a sketch that Minekura-sensei drew for the first play of Saiyuki Musical -RELOAD-
If you click on the pics below, you can see may pics from Natalie blog.
(But...Why women are always played by men...!? XD)

Today starts SaiyukiKagekiden -RELOAD-
Here, little interviews of the main actors!

10th-Sep-2015 01:21 pm - Saiyukikagekiden RELOAD merchandise
Here the merchandise for Saiyuki Kagekiden -RELOAD- (starting from 17th September on theaters)


Saiyuki actors photos

5th-Sep-2015 09:22 pm - A corner of heaven
Life is a lot like a cigarette...Once lit, its lifespan will soon disappear...in a puff of smoke.

27th-Aug-2015 12:43 pm - Summer pics!
Here some shoots from my Summer Vacation!

[Spoiler (click to open)]

This crepes was HUGE! A gelato crepes (vanilla) with fruits! DELICIOUS. Was possible adding also nutella and whipped cream...but...

This is the ZeroSum cover that will be released in Japan on 28th August. The magazine will have a Saiyuki chapter, coloured pages and some extras.
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