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The World of illusion
Are you sure that all you see is real?
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3rd-Jan-2018 06:21 pm - Happy New Year (the dog year!)
Sorry for the late! Minekura-sensei drew this two wonderful illustrations for New Year!
I wish you all an amazing Year!

Finally we have the cover illustrations of Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST vol.3!

And, as far as I've understood, a new chaper will be published at the end of this month.
Moreover, many items will be released for AGF 2017 and some of them will have new illustrations!

In this event will be re-selled also old items just like the booklet with the updated of Saiyuki boys' twitter page and the sheets 1/1.
In occasion of 20th Anniversary, in collaboration with Japanese Post Offices, will be released stamps dedicated to Saiyuki!

8th-Oct-2017 11:31 am - A Musical for Ibun
Saiyuki Ibun will be played as a Musical on 2018!

29th-Sep-2017 11:09 pm - Saiyuki gadgets and calendar!
Here new keychains available starting from December!

Here a wallet:

And here a preview of the months pages within Saiyuki Calendar 2018.

As always the cover is the very last to be showed.
Preordering it from MOVIC a new illustration will be added as a bonus!
9th-Sep-2017 12:30 am - Saiyuki chapter!!!
Saiyuki chapter has finally been published!
Yeah, the situation is pretty the same of the former one but it has been published!
And everytime I see Minekura-sensei's drawings I can't help to think she is a genius.

Unfortunately even if the chapter was out, Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST vol.3 has been postponed again...
I hope for another chapter at the end of September. I think we need less of 20 pages to complete vol.3.

The first DVD of BLAST anime has been released:

This illustration is...WOW! *____*

In the meantime Saiyuki BLAST anime is arrived at episode 10.
In my opinion episodes about BLAST were the best. Even if I still think that it was early for a BLAST anime, it's cool watching the story animated.
But I didn't like the little filler in which they added Zakuro character in the episode 9.
What do you think about the anime so far?
Here some other gadgets for merchandise:

And...On 21st September will be Hakkai's birthday. For the occasion a shop has created these sweets:

23rd-Aug-2017 04:50 pm - A new Saiyuki chapter is coming!
After months, Minekura-sensei has just tweeted that ZeroSum of this month (28th August) will have a NEW SAIYUKI CHAPTER!
Finally we'll find out more about the destiny of Sanzo ikkou and Sharaku&Hassan!

However, Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST vol.3 has been postponed. The new release data is 30th September.
Since a new chapter will be released I think that this time the tankobon will be really released at that data.

Today is the release data of Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST DVD 1.

And today has been broadcast the 8th episode of Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST.
Now 4 episodes miss to the end of this anime. I'm happy that finally they are showing BLAST chapters.
What do you think about these episodes until now?
8th-Aug-2017 09:07 pm - New template and news!
Thanks to Photobucket I had to change my template... what do you think about it?

After two weeks in a seaside place, I come back to write about Saiyuki!
Unfortunately it wasn't published a new BLAST chapter in the latest ZeroSum. We have to wait (and hope) for the end of August.
Well we able to have a BLAST chapter in 2017?
But, if manga is in hiatus, anime and merchandise are not!
Saiyuki BLAST anime has so few about "BLAST"...now it's started Gaiden arc...we have to expect at least other 2 episodes...
But for remembering us some real BLAST characters, here the anime chara of Sharaku and Hassan.

Here some CD covers. Nataku and Goku together.

And here the cover of Move on! CD.

As you can see, the cover above was drawn by sensei and the covers of these two Anthologies too.

Anthologies are about BLAST and Gaiden  and contain stories written by many different authors and illustrations by Naked Apes.

Recently in Nagoya was held a mini-Saiyuki FESTA with some items created for the event

Here some of them!
Sweets with an image of our beloved Saiyuki boys on them.

Gaiden mini-plates.

Cards and illustrations.

A tote bag with the panda drawing by Sanzo (...)

An Iphone case.

And other items...

Now many pics of Saiyuki goods randomly.

21st-Jul-2017 02:04 pm - DVD Box 1
With the third episode, the first DVD with Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST anime series is completed.
What are your opinions about this anime so far? These are all the contents within the first DVD box:

Minekura-sensei has drawn the illustrations for all the phone strap within all DVD boxes:

Fourth episode will be about Gaiden, since it will introduce Nataku.
These are some anime merchandise:

After the release of first anime episode, on twitter they say the second one will have an original story different from manga.
Here the cover of the first CD Drama that will be released on 27th September.

And here other illustrations chosen for merchandise (clear files, pins and so on...)

And here even aprons dedicated to Saiyuki anime!

6th-Jul-2017 01:20 am - Blast episode 1. Opinions?

First episode of Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST anime has been released!
Did you watch it? What are your opinions about this anime?
I am happy that character design was pretty good, differently from anime merchandise but chibis.
Surely not all scenes have a good chara but, considering the whole episode, they are not so noticeables.
But I have to say that animation is not so fluid as I expected from this anime.
About main characters, it's cool listening the old seiyuu again! And I like Opening more than Ending.
I think that, even if Tamuro's seiyuu is pretty good, his voice is too much adult for a young guy as Tamuro is.
Thanks to Crunchyroll I was able to watch the episode with Italian subs and it was great.
I was surprised that, even before Crunchyroll, the whole episode was available on Dailymotion but whitout subs.
What about you? What did you like more? Did you dislike something?
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